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A "Wish" came true yesterday!!

Hi Friends,

Yesterday it was my Sister's 25th Birthday!
And it is her last birthday before she gets married this December.
Now all my family members had some "Wish" to celebrate in their own manner & feelings.
I am describing those, can be slight different too but it includes that too:

"My Papa had a wish to organize it as big as he could.
My Mom had a wish to make her daughter happy so she bought a Saree for her.
My Aunty had a wish to stay in Kolkata & relish the moments.
My Grandmother had a wish that let all be together & happy.
I had a wish that I come from Office quick & spend as much time with my Sister.
My Sister had a wish to celebrate & be happy the whole day"

So, basically we all have some wishes which when fulfilled gives us the ultimate ecstasy.
I sited an event which brought all our "Wishes" of our family members fulfilled.
You all too have many "Wishes" & I hope all such wishes would come true.
My Poem "Wish&quo…

My Third Poem "Wish" will release this Saturday!

Hi Friends,

Happy Wednesday!
Time for some promotions!
My next poem is "Wish"
All of us have some wishes: wish of getting rich, happy, peace, loved by all, fame, etc.
So, I have tried to collage all of them through my lines.
Hope you can attach yourselves with the feelings & emotions of yours with my lines.
It will be released on "Saturday".
So relax, enjoy & continue reading my Poems.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Click on "Follow" to remain regularly updated!!

Hi Friends,

This is to update you about a fact.
Kindly, click on "Follow" (the tab I enclosed with red marking) while reading my contents.
That will increase my Followers (which will increase my brand value definitely) but will help me to update you instantly with anything via Google Platform about my Blog.
So, kindly click on that when I update my next contents.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

My Poems will be available in Tumblr too from today, Enjoy Them!!

Hi Friends,

Happy Tuesday!.
I am happy to announce that Global Friends who are in Tumblr can connect to my Blog & relish my poems through Tumblr.
Thanks to Tumblr!

So, myTumblr Username is kishorekumarbanerjee

You can like my posts & follow me in Tumblr too!
See you in Tumblr :)
Thanks & Continue reading my poems!
Next Update on my Next Poem will come in a day or two.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Happy devilish Monday Mates!!

Hi Friends,

Why does this cruel Monday comes after every usual relaxing Sunday?

I have a quote which I made this Morning..

"Relaxing & Relishing my dine last night with a spoon & a fork.
Today being the cruel Monday, so let's go to work".

Ha Ha Ha
Did you like it? Comment

-Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday Friends!
Enjoy your day & keep reading my poems!
Kishore Kumar Banerjee


Set up with the spirits so high... Spreading happiness all over... Forgetting the words 'me' and 'my'... Through the open roads I hover...
Gentle winds pass by... And during the perfect twilight... I start asking myself why?... There is no reason to love or fight...
Looking up above... I see the vanilla sky... Filled with love love and only love... Cannot cherish it all until I cry...
-Kishore Kumar Banerjee

My Second Poem: "Desolate" releasing tomorrow!

Hi Friends,

The wait will be over tomorrow!.

After reading my first poem "NEED":, released on August 20th, 2016, you might be eager for the next.

My Second Poem "DESOLATE" will be hitting the blog.

So, wait a bit till I deliver better & better every Saturday.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Travel to future....the way to acheive it.....

Hi Friends,

I went through a post few years back and found that very interesting. I am sharing it with you today, it is about Time Travel. Sir Stephen Hawking is researching on it from years, I pay my respect to him and post this update.

"Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner analogous to moving between different points in space, either sending objects (or in some cases just information) backwards in time to some moment before the present, or sending objects forward from the present to the future without the need to experience the intervening period (at least not at the normal rate).

Although time travel has been a common plot device in fiction since the 19th century, and one-way travel into the future is arguably possible given the phenomenon of time dilation based on velocity in the theory of special relativity (exemplified by the twin paradox), as well as gravitational time dilation in the theory of general relativity, it is …


"Poems are not bounded
They define no boundaries"

- Kishore Kumar Banerjee

"HannaH": A Crisp Thriller by Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Hi Friends,
I am pleased to inform you about my new project "Hannah".

Ich freue mich, Sie über mein neues Projekt "Hannah" zu informieren. (German: Translation)
Je suis heureux de vous informer au sujet de mon nouveau projet"Hannah" (French: Translation)
Saya senang untuk memberitahu Anda tentang proyek baru saya "Hannah"(Indonesian: Translation)

It is a crisp suspense thriller story, which has love, possession & murder in it.
So, work is on progress you have to keep patience a bit for that.
Till then enjoy my poems, will update some soon.
Looking for blessings & advice from your side.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

Things which inspire me to write!

Hi Friends,

Poets get innovation & motivation from a lot of things, so do I.

This picture was taken by me yesterday evening from my Balcony.
A pink sky gave me a whole lot of innovations & motivations to write something new.

As it was a Pink inspiration, I am quoting it in the same color too.
Nature helps to increase emotions, this was an example of it.

I will release my second poem, next Saturday.
Obviously you all will be eager what I bring towards you.
Definitely, I will try to bring something which you would love to read.

For all my friends there is one thing to say:
"Continue reading & visiting"
"Weiter lesen & visiting"
"Continuer la lecture et de visite"

Tried to translate for all my Global Friends..
If you want to visit my Facebook Profile to know me, chat with me.
I am providing you my profile link:

You can advice & provide suggestions so that I can move forward in the right pathway with your blessings…


Mixing all the ecstasies I find.. Life is large.. But with infinite uncertainties in it.. This is how it merge..
Thousand delight and thousand sorrow..
Wider thoughts and narrower actions..
Cannot see where is tomorrow..
Strange feelings and Weird Reactions..

Time..Oh time can you just wait?..
Wait a little before it is too late..
Thousand dreams with the same fate..
Feeling now that my dreams too want some mate..

Where the one is..
Who feels and who blends..
Who mixes and merges in the same pathway..
Waiting..just waiting till he sends..

Wait will be over Tomorrow: As it will be my first release!!


Stick on your seats.

Or either hold your movement when you are about to sleep.

Coz, It is my first release which is coming tomorrow.

Not an usual Friday Release like films (Ha Ha Ha).

It's Saturday Saturday..!!


Kishore Kumar Banerjee

A Basic Introduction about your own poet Kishore

Hi Friends,
My name is Kishore Kumar Banerjee. Presently I reside in Kolkata. I was born on 31/05/1989 (basically which means I am a young poet, LOL) in Tinsukia, Assam.

So, the passion about poetry evolved when I shifted to Kolkata (A City of Art & Joy) in 2007. Though the scenario was complete due to a regular heart break & depression which is a regular medicine for a Poet.

Here, I will be sharing my Poems which I penned on regular basis. My Poems basically highlights love, passion, depression, confusion, isolation, insomnia all such kinds of topic. So, a regular unemployed youth fallen in love whose consequence was a heart break can attach themselves totally to it. Though I am employed now, still the hidden talent works.

So friends wait a little for the first publication of my first poem. Keep your fingers crossed as most of you will attach yourselves to the lines of my Poem.

Wishing you all a merry journey to my world of poem.
Kishore Kumar Banerjee