A Basic Introduction about your own poet Kishore

Hi Friends,
My name is Kishore Kumar Banerjee. Presently I reside in Kolkata. I was born on 31/05/1989 (basically which means I am a young poet, LOL) in Tinsukia, Assam.

So, the passion about poetry evolved when I shifted to Kolkata (A City of Art & Joy) in 2007. Though the scenario was complete due to a regular heart break & depression which is a regular medicine for a Poet.

Here, I will be sharing my Poems which I penned on regular basis. My Poems basically highlights love, passion, depression, confusion, isolation, insomnia all such kinds of topic. So, a regular unemployed youth fallen in love whose consequence was a heart break can attach themselves totally to it. Though I am employed now, still the hidden talent works.

So friends wait a little for the first publication of my first poem. Keep your fingers crossed as most of you will attach yourselves to the lines of my Poem.

Wishing you all a merry journey to my world of poem.
Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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