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Hi Friends,

It has been a while, I uploaded the regular stuffs i.e, Poems & Short Stories.
It is festive season here in India now, and today being "Diwali: Festival of lights".
Describing the origin of the festival, it starts from Treta Yuga when Hindu Lord named Rama went for exile for 14 years.
After his tenure, when he arrived to his Kingdom Ayodhya the people living there welcomed him with lights decorated in their houses.
Traditionally, the Diya (1st Picture) is the symbol of light but as days advanced now such fancy LED lights have come into business (2nd, 3rd & 4th picture).
I celebrate it in both the ways i.e, traditional as well as modern.
In West Bengal, this day is celebrated in the name of a goddess of destruction named "Kali".
So, Kali Puja is celebrated in all parts of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Jharkhand & Odisha specially.

And this is to inform you, the regular stuffs will be uploaded soon in my Blog.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee



UPDATE 5: Some more Durga Idols




Happy Dashami (Tenth & the last day of Durga Puja when the idols are immersed in holy water: rivers, ponds etc.)
This is an example of a themed puja pandal.
The attraction are the lights decorated & the idol made in a differentiating style due to which there is an immense crowd visiting those pandals.
Here they calculate the hits by feets stepped in their Pandal Area.
The investment is way higher than the Non-Theme Pujas.
But due to the attraction they get a huge crowd compared to the Non-Theme ones.
This type of pandals are the trend of Kolkata & are continuing every year.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee





Happy Navami! (Officially the 9th day of Durga Puja)
This is how a Durga Puja Pandal looks like (Non-Theme).
All my Indian Friends know about it but for the Global friends out there, I provide you the basic impression of Durga Puja.
I will update a Theme Pandal Puja later in my uploads.
And next upload, will highlight Durga Maa's Idols.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

UPDATE 1: "BHOOTU" in our Locality's Puja

Hi Friends,

Update 1: Tritiya (Last Night): "Bhootu" (Child Star from a Zee Bangla Television Soap named "Bhootu" in our Locality to celebrate Durga Puja organized by our Locality Club Members)

"Bhootu": Arshita Banerjee: She arrived yesterday in Durga Puja Pandal organized by our Local Club Members.

It was last night, which was the third day "Tritiya" of Durga Puja

Kishore Kumar Banerjee

DURGA PUJA this weekend (No upload of regular stuffs but live stuffs of the festival)

Hi Friends,

After the completion of "Mahalaya" the countdown has begun.
Today is "Chaturthi" & all the warmth & excitement starts from "Shoshti" during Durga Puja.
Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in India (specially in Eastern India: which includes West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Jharkhand etc. & also celebrated in rest of India).
Durga Puja depicts a tale of virtue winning over evil with Maa Durga demolishing the demon "Mahishasura".
So she is called by "Mahishasuramardini".
It is celebrated with a lot of zeal, pandals are created ("Theme Pujas" popular in Kolkata) & people from various age group & also from various parts visit those pandals to sight Durga Maa's Idol.
The Festival ends in "Dashami" when the Idols are immersed in waters.

I wanted to inform my readers about it as basically I have Indian readers who know about it, but have Global Readers too who aren't aware of the rituals.

"Destiny" (Chapter Two: The Sin)

Hi Readers,

Link to the PDF for enhanced viewing:
"Destiny" (Chapter Two: The Sin) PDF

For Blog Viewers, you can read it below:

“Circumspect each activity you do every day, because fate revolves around the same circumstances”
- KB

-Kishore Kumar Banerjee (KB)

Note: All the characters are purely fictional, and the places named are used as references. The total setup is a pure work on fiction & has not been used for any harm or influence.


After my divorce, my actions became much aggressive & lethal. I didn’t knew the reason of my loneliness, but money still lured me. It was a fantasy for me as I could feel it’s escalation in share market. My office was in Church Street, & was far from my premises. 
It was pouring heavily that day & my Rolls Royce was in a state of bother, so I had to take a cab. I usually left my premises at eight o’ clock but today I left at seven due to excessive workload and also because my ca…

"Broken Friendship"

A gaze of a corner of my life.. I perceive an affection "Friendship".. The feeling being a mushy phenomenon.. Yet had to lay the footing..

Hence I recount it.. "Pleasant", I belief was the inception.. Laugh, talk, share & have a walk.. Reckoning trust in some phase..

Time passes like tides.. Miscalculations emerged hereby.. Aggression, inferiority & desolation are mine.. Added misconceptions & emotions of counterpart..

Panacea being the ultimate decision.. Yet it failed.. Identities of opposite attributes.. Thus the "Barrier"..

Circumstances converge promptly.. I develop a feeling "Enmity".. Still in ignorance.. Is it so?..

Kishore Kumar Banerjee