"Destiny" (Chapter Two: The Sin)

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“Circumspect each activity you do every day, because fate revolves around the same circumstances”
- KB

-Kishore Kumar Banerjee (KB)

Note: All the characters are purely fictional, and the places named are used as references. The total setup is a pure work on fiction & has not been used for any harm or influence.


After my divorce, my actions became much aggressive & lethal. I didn’t knew the reason of my loneliness, but money still lured me. It was a fantasy for me as I could feel it’s escalation in share market. My office was in Church Street, & was far from my premises. 
It was pouring heavily that day & my Rolls Royce was in a state of bother, so I had to take a cab. I usually left my premises at eight o’ clock but today I left at seven due to excessive workload and also because my car was dead. My office was situated in a block stretched by a narrow lane from the main street. So, I stepped down from the cab & was about to move towards the lane to my office.

Suddenly I found a blind man who was asking for help. 
He said “Help me!”
“Someone help, I want to cross the road.”
As I was in a hustle it seemed to be a disturbance & I pushed the man heavily to the main street and moved forward. I heard a stomp as a development authorities lorry passed by. When I looked back I saw the blind man stamped & dead with blood draining all over the street. It was a dreadful scene but meant nothing to me as I walked towards my office.

“Oh my God, I am a demon in the form of human” is what I felt sitting on the pavement. I puffed the last bit, tears shed from my eyes & I threw the cigar far away out of guilt. I stood up & started walking forward looking for any help that I could get to take me home but there was none.
Suddenly I saw a lorry approaching me fast, I got scared but as it approached near me all its parts mixed in air & vanished. I encountered some more flashes again, this time being a total different set up.

Again it was a rainy day, but thankfully my car was fine that day. I drove insanely to my only destination “office”, fast & fast as it could be. And suddenly I got hit by a lorry which approached fast. There was a sudden darkness & supreme silence all around.

“What happened? Am I dead? Why there is no noise, no flashes anymore” I said that to myself.

Suddenly I found myself in some bed in a local hospital. The news came that I have lost my sight during that collision. My self-esteem broke down in a couple of seconds. As my karma was the same was the fate, even none of my employees came to help with. I was ruthless to them was what I felt at that moment. I was shifted to my premises later by the authorities of the hospital.

Now my life lied in the boundaries of my premises. What a life I was about to lead now after spending a lavishing life, was the question that hovered every second I took my breath.
“Oh! Poor such a shame, such a turn from gild to waste” I proposed while walking in the unknown streets ahead.
“Didn’t my life bring any happiness again? Did I return to my previous state of lavish?” were the questions in my mind as a heavy rush of wind passed by bringing answers to my questions.

To be continued in the last chapter..


Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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