"Broken Friendship"

A gaze of a corner of my life..
I perceive an affection "Friendship"..
The feeling being a mushy phenomenon..
Yet had to lay the footing..

Hence I recount it..
"Pleasant", I belief was the inception..
Laugh, talk, share & have a walk..
Reckoning trust in some phase..

Time passes like tides..
Miscalculations emerged hereby..
Aggression, inferiority & desolation are mine..
Added misconceptions & emotions of counterpart..

Panacea being the ultimate decision..
Yet it failed..
Identities of opposite attributes..
Thus the "Barrier"..

Circumstances converge promptly..
I develop a feeling "Enmity"..
Still in ignorance..
Is it so?..

Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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