Winter Season: Poems, Stories & Food (The best way to lure yourself)

Hi Friends,

Happy New Year 2017!

Hope this new year fulfill all your wishes.

It's Winter Season mostly in all parts of the world.

Reading your favorite Poem, Novel or Short Story would be a great plan this time.

Why not luring yourself with the best home-made items along with reading your favorite piece.

"Crunching, Munching & Reading" as I say.

So, I have presented you some Indian Home-Made Food Items that you can check.

1. Chingri Maach r Malai Curry (Prawn Curry)

2. Samosa with Chutney (Fried or Baked Pastry with home-made sauce)

3. Home-made Dosa with Sambhar & Coconut Paste (South Indian Dish)

So, I know you would have queries regarding recipes:
Comment, so that I can communicate with you easily.

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Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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