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Today I am sharing with you all my first short story named "Rama & Heera (The Snake).
I am a bit tensed & nervous about the reaction from your side on this.
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                                         "RAMA & HEERA (THE SNAKE)" 

Note: All the places & names implemented in this story is a work of fiction. 

In a village named "Kuthiari" lived a boy named "Rama". He had a small family with his father & mother. His father worked as a farmer for his own acquired land in the exteriors of the village. So, his mother was the only one who spent the whole day in home after his son went to school.His father used to take his lunch with him while he went for work considering the time he would require to come home & have lunch. As a result Rama used to find very little time to spend with his father. His father left from home early when he used to sleep & come late after finishing his day to day activities. Still his father used to spend some time with his son before dinner.

Rama's school was in a nearby village as his own did not have any. He used to go to school by his own not only because he loved it but also because his family members could have been least helpful in it. So every morning his journey started creeping & visiting each stall in the market area which he had to cross in between to reach the next village where his school was located. He used to chat with every vendor & was a very popular child in that area.

Narrating about his curricular activities, he was the best in the school. His extra-curricular activities was the one to be highlighted. All his mates & other students during recess indulged themselves in playing, fighting, shouting, laughing with their school mates. But Rama was one of a kind, he loved nature the most so he passed his time sitting by the forest, enjoying it with the animals & birds nearby, imitating their voices. It was a fun for him & he relished it heavily. So this was basically his day to day life.

Days were passing by, and he was turning his interest into passion. Loving to stay close to nature became his desire. Every day while going to his school, he met a snake charmer in the Market Area. The Snake Charmer was very new inclusion in the market place. So, as usual Rama used to sit near the Snake Charmer enjoying his act with all kinds of Snakes. As an impact of his deep passion that he grew, he was fond of a Snake which danced perfect to the sounds of Pungi/Been. Gradually as days passed he grew a deep desire to have the snake as his companion as the Snake Charmer had. So he discussed with the Snake Charmer of purchasing it, but he refused saying it wasn't possible. But Rama started collecting every penny that he received from his parents for lunch to complete his desire. And the day came, when he was able to lure the Snake Charmer with a wholesome amount.

He had to take a certain amount of risk too while keeping it in home. He took that in mind for which he purchased a Snake box too. He kept it in a secret place which was not known to his family members. In fact, for feeding the Snake he used to save his milk which he was given in breakfast. He also started taking some in dinner to serve the purpose. He considered it very valuable property, and from his father he came to know that Diamond is the most precious thing for human wealth. So, he named the snake as “Heera: The Diamond of his life”. The Snake gradually became fond of him too. While he (Rama) went to bed Heera used to come to his bed & bind in his thigh’s & slept. Heera enjoyed doing that as he loved Rama's company. And every morning before his mother would be awake for usual sweeping task, Heera used to get back to the secret box. So, everything was running fine with no one knowing about it.

Days were passing & one day Rama's Aunt visited their home. Rama being aware of it early took all precautionary measures to hide the fact. As usual after dinner Rama went to his room & slept, Heera also joined him later. Rama's mother used to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning for the day to day sweeping activities. Heera was aware of it & used to disguise himself in the secret box prior to that. But that morning something unusual happened which changed the whole fate.

Rama's aunt, a much more older & orthodox lady used to wake up at 5 o'clock to finish all her task in her premises. Due to the practice that she had on regular basis, she woke up at the precise moment. She thought to comfort her sister (Rama's Mother), so she started finishing the sweeping activity before her sister woke up. So while sweeping all the rooms she went to Rama's one too & she saw Heera rounded around the thighs of Rama. Rama was sleeping at that moment & was unaware of the whole thing. Rama's aunt got frightened & screamed heavily.

An intense scenario was created, Heera got frightened. And in the act of protecting himself he had already bitten Rama. In the mean time, Rama's father, mother & nearby resident too came by in hunt for the snake. Heera was totally frightened & escaped from the window nearby to save his life. But his fate was written that day, he had to bear the pain of the sticks that the people used to kill him. Gradually he died, the same was the fate of Rama too who didn't realize the fate of keeping a snake as a pet.

Moral: Wild is always wild.

Kishore Kumar Banerjee 


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    1. Tried writing a short one. Thanks for the support bro.

  2. too raw bro, but still a nice try.... try to write in 1st person

  3. Thanks for the suggestion & the support. It seems I have ideas but the framework is weak. I will get some ideas about the framework & will work hard next time.


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