"Mother" (Sixth Poem) & "Destiny" (Second Short Story: Sunday Mini Classics) Coming Soon!

Hi Friends,

Happy Thursday!.
Hope you all are doing great.
Today I announce about the upcoming sixth poem this Saturday & the second short story in the edition "Sunday Mini Classics".
Saturday: "Mother" (Sixth Poem)
Sunday: "Destiny" (Second Story)
I discussed with my Mom this week regarding the Blog which i have created & she requested me to write a poem on her.
So, I am tried to write it though describing the relation in a limited number of lines was a very hectic task.
Still I have tried & I dedicate the poem "Mother" to all the mothers in the entire universe.
Hope you all will like it.
Now talking about the short story "Destiny", I am trying to learn from the presentation which I did when I published the first short story "Rama & Heera" & effort is being made to write much better than the previous.
So stay tuned & like, share, comment, follow, subscribe my blog.
But the most important part Enjoy Reading!

Kishore Kumar Banerjee


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